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Featured Artist
Brigid Hoffman

Brigid Hoffman was born and raised in Rapid City and has always been interested in the arts. She often uses her immediate surroundings as inspiration. This means that she often paints scenes of what may seem mundane to some people, but are special to her nonetheless. She is in her second year of attending the University of South Dakota pursuing a degree in Communications Studies, but she is leaving her options open as to what career she desires. Her dream is to write and illustrate children’s books.

Hubbard Mill:
A painting done in watercolor and ink of the Hubbard Mill located in downtown Rapid City. Factories play an important part in her artwork, especially this one that is such an iconic part of Rapid City.

Comfort Inn Billboard:
A painting done in watercolor and ink of a location around Campbell Street in Rapid City. The abandoned look of this factory paired with the Comfort Inn Billboard seemed slightly ironic.

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